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BGU #1 Choice of Israeli University Students BGU #1 Choice of Israeli University Students

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BGU #1 Choice of Israeli University Students
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Faculty, Students and Alumni


Israel's greatest natural resource is its brainpower.

BGU is home to many of Israel’s best and brightest scholars and researchers including poets, pundits, economists, environmentalists, anthropologists, and archaeologists, as well as physicists, virologists, engineers, chemists, and mathematicians.

The University's success in attracting top men and women in their fields — new immigrants, as well as Israelis returning from their post-doctorate studies abroad or from other Israeli universities —is a testament to its growing worldwide reputation and its commitment to academic excellence.

BGU's outstanding and diverse faculty members and researchers are internationally recognized for their work in cutting-edge fields, including solar energy, nanotechnology, neuro-degenerative diseases, robotics, biotechnology, water management, desertification, and information technologies to name some of them.

Several BGU curricula and interdisciplinary programs have been emulated around the world and BGU and its faculty have received numerous prizes and accolades as well as prestigious, competitive educational and research grants.


BGU's students are known for their activities in and support of the local community, and thousands of them take part in special outreach projects.

Ben-Gurion University is the most popular university among Israeli undergraduates and is Israel’s fastest growing institution of higher learning.

Over 20,000 students from Israel, the Negev region and around the world are drawn to BGU, where the pioneering spirit flourishes.

Here, students get the best of both worlds: a dynamic and highly expert faculty who are leading departments that can compete with any other in Israel as well as a vibrant community and student life.

The relatively low student to faculty ratio allows for a personal rather than an institutionalized approach to learning. Students and faculty work closely together on inspiring and cutting-edge research projects and engage in community outreach programs.

A unique campus environment unlike any other in Israel, BGU is home to an active Student Association. More than 30 extracurricular clubs and numerous cultural events, holiday parties and lecture series enhance student life.

In addition to modern, comfortable dorms, students on the multicultural, international, and high-energy Marcus Family Campus enjoy a movie theater, well-equipped sports center, pubs, restaurants, bookstores, and state-of-the-art computer libraries and laboratories.


Thousands of the University's alumni play significant roles in almost every sphere of life in Israel and elsewhere in the world. Graduates of BGU's Medical School for International Health, a program in collaboration with Columbia University Medical Center, are heading emergency rooms in the U.S. or managing public health crises in Africa.

BGU's alumni are leading major high-technology companies, founding non-profit organizations, publishing works of literature, spearheading Israel's environmental movement…changing the world.

The University's Alumni Association provides remarkable services for alumni, with a special emphasis on strengthening support services for graduates who remain in the Negev region. It works for social justice and engages alumni in campus and local Negev community activities.

The Alumni Association fosters networking through class reunions, social and cultural events, special print and online publications, and the highly successful BGU professor lecture series. In collaboration with the University's newly created Career Counseling Office, the Association offers an online job board, continuing education classes, executive training programs, and personal enrichment workshops.

The Career Office helps students and alumni integrate into the Israeli work force by identifying employment opportunities in the south and in BGU's Industrial Affiliates Program to increase academic-industrial relations.

Through the University's Alumni Fund, BGU graduates are helping provide scholarships for students in need.

Alumni are encouraged to join the Alumni Association:

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